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Managed Cyber Services, Security & Support

Protect Your Business Technology With ADI

We believe security is not something a small business should choose as an add-on with whatever is left in the IT Budget. That is why all our Managed IT Services are built from the ground up with security as their foundation!

Popular Services

Below are some of the most popular services our clients purchase

Cloud Services

From Microsoft 365 migrations to backing up your data in the cloud, our cloud options have you covered.

Remote Helpdesk

Designed to remotely support the day-to-day technical issues your employees have, so you don’t have to.

Shared IT Services

Services created to keep your technology assets up to date, secure, and running smoothly.

About Us

What Gets Us Out Of Bed

We Focus On Technology, So You Can Succeed In Business

We know you didn’t get into business to hassle with things like Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, and Disaster Recovery… but WE DID!

Our Mission

Champion Small Business Success By Delivering Best In Class IT Services, Security, and Support.

Our Vision

Proving the Impact a Successful Small Business Can Have On Our World… One Ticket At a Time.

Core Values

How To Be A Champion

Every Ticket Matters

Nobody wakes up expecting to have technology issues. Every ticket is our chance to be today’s champion for someone having an unexpected day!

Change Is Good

The ability to consitently identify and implement small improvements everyday is how champions elevate the play of everyone around them.

Ready To Resolve

A champion takes responsibility and is commited to carrying every task that stands in their way across their finish line to some expected resolution.

Champions Never Lose

We win or learn (never lose)… mistakes happen, a true champion has the mental toughness to learn from any mistake and apply it towards winning in the future.

Technology Powered By People

Technology is great, but its the people who drive and thrive by properly leveragaing it. That is why we created the below programs, to improve not only our relationship with technology, but the community as a whole.


ADI Gives Back

Through our participation in the B1G1 “Business For Good” movement, we empower ALL of our clients to become a catalyst for change in our world.

Company Help Portal

We understand that not everyone is ready to hire their own IT staff. That is why we created and maintain a 100% free IT Support resource for small businesses to come and get answers to some of the most common IT issues we see on a day-to-day basis.


A 100% Free training platform designed to improve Computer Asset Management and Protection skills for the end users of all our clients.

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